Workshops, exhibitions and published work


.       2010 /2012 Birdshot Uveitus Conference. Moorfields Eye Hospital London 

·        2011 Glaucoma Patients Day, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

.       2012 Retina Patient Day, Understanding genetic eye diseases, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

.   2013 Paediatric patient day, supporting families with children with diseases of the retina, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London


·      2009 ELOPE, University of Berne, Switzerland

·       2010 -12 Honorary Visiting Artist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London



·       2010 - 2012 Visiting tutor / examiner Anatomy for Artists, UCL, London

·       2011 to date member of the Moorfields Academy


Artwork exhibitions; Work selected for 

·      2011 Sketch 2011, Rabley Drawing Centre, Marlborough, Wiltshire, 

·       2011 "What is line, and how does it move through space?" online projectThe Frost Art Museum at Florida International University.

·       2011 Contemplation image, Hektoen Internation Journal of Medical Humanities.

·       2011 'Covering & Exposing' exhibition YoYo Gallery, South Street, Epsom. 

·       2011 Grayson Perry Late at The British Museum, in collaboration with UAL

·       2012 'Drawing the mind, neural networks and the emergence of complexity, O'Silas Gallery, New York

·       2012 'Brief Encounters', Morvah, Penzance

·       2015 Symposium Drawing Conclusions, June 24th at MAK in Utrecht in association with the University of the Arts Utrech: Discussed by Emeritus Professor Deanna Petherbridge

.   2018 Extending the field of drawing: Documenting surgical actionsAn exhibition of works         supporting PhD research exploring parallels between drawing and surgical procedures, Wimbledon College of Art

 . 2018 Final Salute: Wimbledon Postgraduate Show, Wimbledon College of Art

Curated Work 

.   2013 Teeth, Touch and Talent, Where haptics, drawing and dentistry meet, an exhibition of work made by students at king's College Dental Institute,The Gallery at Foyles Bookstore 


Conferences and symposia

·       2011'Drawing as a Tool of Communication and Analysis in the Field of Medicine.'London College  of Fashion

·        2011 'The observer in theatre: Drawing practice and its role in surgical operations'. Covering and Exposing Symposium University of the Creative Arts

·    2011 'Patient and medic communication using the medium of drawing', Moorfield's Academy, London

·       2011 International Visual Methods Conference, Open University Milton Keynes

·       2011 Thinking Through Drawing Conference, Columbia University, New York

·       2012 Research student spring symposium LCF, University of the Arts London

·       2013 11thInternational Innovations in Education Colloquium, Brescia University, North Italy

·     2013 10th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun

·       2013 DRN / TTD conference Columbia University, New York. Paper - Exchanges between Medicine and Drawing Practice - an example of interdisciplinary dialogue 

·     2013 - 14 Scenography in a digital age: a comparative study of the impact of new media on contemporary Indian and British performance practice. University of the Arts London and University of Hyderabad, India

·       2014 2013 12thInternational Innovations in Education Colloquium, Brescia University, North Italy

·       2015 Joint presentation with Mr Neil Shah as part of Maggi Hambling exhibition War Requiem & Aftermath at Kings College Gordon Museum: The Art of Surgical Practice Drawing together: Surgeon and Senses

·       2015 Thinking Through Drawing: Exploring and Evaluating Drawing in the Field of Medicine.  Workshop with Dimitrios Panagioipoulos 

·       2015 13thInternational Innovations in Education Colloquium 
Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy, 

·       2015 Drawing Conversations: reflecting upon collective and collaborative drawing practicesCoventry University. Drawing together - Sutures, Surgery and Studio Practice

·       2016 14th International Innovations in Education Colloquium 
Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy,

·       2018 Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice:  Drawing Conversations, Birmingham School of Art 

·       2018 15th International Innovations in Education Colloquium 
Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy


Published work

 Wright J (2010) Visual representations of birdshot chorioretinopathy (Birdshot) using drawing as a tool for communicationNational Institute for Health Research at Moorfields Hospital NHS Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology []

Wright J (2011) The observer in theatre:drawing practice and its role in surgical []

Wright J (2010) Drawing as envisioning: patient / medic communication using drawing. academia. edu[]

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Wright J, Quinn B, Cox M, Shah N, Scrivener S and Reynolds P (2013) HapTEL Related Drawing Research in Surgery and Medical Education: An Interdisciplinary Perspective


Wright J (2018) Drawing Together: Sutures, Surgery and Studio Practice.In edsJill Journeaux and Helen Gorill, Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing Practice. Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Conference proceedings 

 Wright J and Shah N (2011) Evolving Dialogues between Surgeon and Drawing Practitioner, Thinking Through Drawing: Practice into knowledge, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Reynolds N and Webb M eds (2013), HapTEL related drawing research in surgery and medical education: An Interdisciplinary perspective,10thIFIP World Conference on Computers in Education, Torun, Nicolaus Copernicus University Press

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