MA Drawing Final Show at Wilson Road Camberwell

The drawings that inhabit the building represent the development of invasive tumours. Based on lymph tissue and breast cancer cells they initially are overlooked or seen as misplaced objects, until they cluster in a space that cannot be ignored. For the patient and their family the tumour is always there even when removed or treated, at times overwhelming and dominating a life at times receding and a shadowy memory. Time for those with cancer or any life threatening illness time takes on a different reality, just as the making of the drawings the passage of time becomes warped; each small mark is examined and reviewed - retraced and reworked.
The choice to use extremely hard H5 to H7 pencils was made as carefully as the surgeon selects appropriate instruments to excise and remove tissue; drawings mark the paper, the surgeon marks the body. These marks are a trace of time and movement; the surgeon's marks a trace of diagnosis and treatment.

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